History of sex work in England

History of sex

The history of sex work in England is complex and spans many centuries. In the past, sex work was often considered a necessary evil, and it was commonly associated with poverty, crime, and immorality. However, the attitudes towards sex work have changed over time, and it is now seen by many as a legitimate form of work.

In the early modern period, sex work was often associated with brothels and taverns, and it was largely unregulated. This led to widespread exploitation and abuse of sex workers, and many were forced into the profession through poverty or coercion. In the 16th and 17th centuries, the Church and the state attempted to crack down on sex work by passing a series of laws known as the “Elizabethan statutes.” These laws made it illegal to keep a brothel or to solicit for sex in public, and they imposed heavy fines and penalties on those who were convicted. However, these laws were often difficult to enforce, and sex work continued to thrive in many parts of the country.

In the 18th century, the growth of cities and the Industrial Revolution led to an increase in the number of sex workers. Many women, who were often poor and illiterate, turned to sex work as a means of survival. The rise of the middle class also led to a growing

demand for sex work, and brothels began to proliferate in many urban areas. However, the social stigma attached to sex work meant that many sex workers were forced to operate in secret, and they were often at risk of exploitation and abuse.

In the 19th century, moral reformers began to push for stricter laws and regulations to protect sex workers and reduce the spread of venereal diseases. In 1864, the Contagious Diseases Acts were passed, which required sex workers in certain designated areas to undergo regular medical examinations. This was intended to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections, but it had the effect of further stigmatizing sex workers and making them more vulnerable to abuse. In 1886, the Criminal Law Amendment Act was passed, which made it illegal to procure a woman for the purposes of prostitution, and it also raised the age of consent to 16.

In the early 20th century, the law began to take a more tolerant approach to sex work, and it became legal for women to work as prostitutes in certain designated areas. This was known as the “containment policy,” and it was intended to prevent the spread of venereal diseases by confining sex work to specific areas. However, the law continued to criminalize many aspects of sex work, including soliciting, brothel-keeping, and kerb-crawling. This meant that sex workers were still at risk of arrest and prosecution, and they often had to operate in secret in order to avoid detection.

In recent years, there have been calls to fully legalize and regulate sex work in order to improve the safety and working conditions of sex workers. In 2003, the Home Affairs Select Committee recommended that

prostitution be legalized, and in 2009, the English Collective of Prostitutes published a report calling for the full decriminalization of sex work. However, the government has so far refused to take any action on this issue, and sex work remains largely criminalized in England. Which means that even these escorts in Leeds can find themselves in a very ambiguous situation.

Overall, the history of sex work in England reflects the complex and often fraught relationship between sex work and society. Even for modern-day escorts in Leeds, life can become complicated. While attitudes towards sex work have evolved over time, it remains a controversial and often misunderstood profession.

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