Julianna is the total package that you’ve been spending your dating life looking for. She is extremely feminine – shiny and polished from her head to her toes and everything in between. And I do mean everything.

Julianna is the perfect date for the gentleman looking to fulfill that alpha male style – walking into a crowded room with a perfect, elegant, poised and sexy woman on your arm. If there’s a better start to the evening I’m not sure what it might be. Well Ok, there might be a couple of interesting ways to start before you move on to your evening out, but you get the idea!

She is one of those women who can shift from an elegant companion for a discerning man to something much more wild, passionate and exciting. Which of those sides of here you prefer is entirely up to you. So why not try them both out and then decide.

Or just do the obvious thing and decide to enjoy both aspects! Time is not an issue, she is there solely for you to enjoy time with doing whatever works for you and gives you pleasure. Julianna is one of those women who make a man feel like a man. How does that sound?

She is always complimented on her chic and tasteful outfits and innate sense of polished style. She is always perfectly dressed for every occasion, adapting to the situation and the type of event. Heels and a cocktail dress. A long evening gown. Business suit for a work event. Jeans and training shoes or boots for a relaxing day. So do make sure that we know what you have in mind for your time with her…

Her particular favourites are luxurious fabrics such as clingy silk and sheer material to show off her gym-toned body. But not too overtly, unless that’s what you really want! You might want the whole room full of men seeing her curves and envying you and the fact that you will be getting to what’s underneath that outfit very soon.

Or you might be one of those gentlemen who prefers things understated. It’s totally your choice because she is there to fulfill your desires. And that starts with how she is dressed.

When the time comes to find out what’s under the clingy elegant clothing, she will indulge you with her love of fine lingerie too. Red, black, white, lacy, sheer. I am not going to talk too much about that. But I’m sure your imagination is already racing ahead.

Julianna has many outstanding features to excite and inspire any man. She exudes class and elegance, but comes with a wild side filled with abandon that will leave you gasping for more, even while you wonder what on earth is coming next.

With a slim, gym-toned figure and a large natural bust, Julianna is the perfect package for men who want a real woman. Curves, but toned thighs, calves, tummy and shoulders. Hair you will want to bury your face in and never surface. And a face to break your heart.

Julianna is an elite companion with sensuality and romance as part of her soul. She loves to be spoiled, pampered and made to feel special and desired. And she loves to offer her companions the same in return.

Does it get any better? We don’t think so, but we are prejudiced so why don’t you find out for yourself?

She is a  mature VIP escort with a warm, friendly, and socially skilled persona. With all those attributes, she is the  ideal choice for gentlemen who are seeking a companion for important social or business events. She is sure to make you look good and make you the envy of every man present, without making your arrangements obvious. Oh, the excitement of knowing that every man wants her and desires her. But tonight she is all yours.

Julianna is smart and highly intelligent. She knows what is going on in the world and is happy to talk about it. She has an enchantingly witty sense of humour and a sparkling personality that will make your date memorable for all the right reasons.

If you want to spend time with a witty, elegant, amazingly sexy woman then you really do not need to look any further. Julianna will make your date very special. She is brilliantly easy to get along with socially and privately.

Every inch of her oozes sophistication and elegance. She has a naughty, raunchy and wild side that leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. But you will be the only one to experience that during your private time together.

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