What’s The Point Of Another Escort Agency?

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What’s The Point Of Another Escort Agency?

The world has lots of escort agencies. Leeds has several escort agencies. Even relatively small towns such as Harrogate have local escort agencies. On top of which, thanks to the internet, there are lots of ways that independent escorts can promote themselves via directories and social media. All of which prompts some obvious questions; why launch an escort agency? Why launch in Leeds? And what exactly are you trying to achieve?

All very fair questions, I must admit! So let’s take them one at a time, shall we?

Why launch an escort agency? The obvious answer would be because it’s an interesting business. But that’s only part of it. Having been in the escort industry for many years, my view is that it’s too easy to lose sight of what an escort agency should actually be about. People lose sight of the word “agency” and either forget what it means, or never even knew!

As an agency, you always have two clients. The person who is paying for the service, and the escort that you are representing. And if you ever lose sight of that fact, that is when things start to go wrong. Yes, we take the enquiries and bookings from clients. And we are very good at making that an enjoyable and professional experience.

But we also represent the “talent”, with whom we don’t have a business. We are not their boss, we are their representatives. They are self employed, and all we can do is give them opportunities. What they do, where, when, and with whom are completely their choices! So we have to give them the type of work and clients that they want, or we will fail them.

So, why launch an escort agency? Because we can! We are good at looking after our talent and our clients and making good matches. So we build our business by keeping people happy. Which is always rewarding for all parties. 

Why launch in Leeds?

Leeds is our home. We know it intimately and love it. Everywhere has its foibles and quirks and Leeds is no exception. But we know the quirks of Leeds better than anyone else. Which means that we can do our job better than anyone else.

Leeds is growing and changing at a tremendous rate. It has always been the financial centre of the north of England, leaving Manchester in its wake. But Leeds is now developing in many other ways too, with media companies such as Channel 4 moving here and industries such as leisure and tourism developing in unexpected ways.

And all that change and growth means that Leeds is attracting a whole new range of talent and potential clients for us. Which is exciting as well as being a terrific opportunity.

And what are we trying to achieve? Well, that’s probably the easiest one to answer.

Noir is a female founded, led and managed business. Which makes a huge difference compared to the traditional model that other agencies have followed in the past. Our eyes are firmly fixed on both helping our lovely clients. But they are also focused extremely hard on the wonderful female talent that we represent.

Noir Escorts Leeds is designed to create the best possible environment for ladies who choose to be professional escorts. That involves taking care of the business side and bringing them the number and type of clients that they want. But it also means taking care of them in other ways and giving them what want, as well as what they need.

So , for example, we organise professional photoshoots in nice surroundings which means that the girls are not constantly trying to do yet another set of selfies, or spending hundreds of pounds on boudoir shots.

That works for us and our clients, because we are always presenting our clients with beautiful imagery instead of slightly dodgy selfies where you can’t really get a sense of who you might be meeting. This also works extremeley well for our ladies because it’s a lot easier for them and also let’s face it, what woman doesn’t want to look fabulous in photos? Especially photos that are being shown to the world! All of which brings us to what we are trying to achieve. We don’t necessarily want to be the biggest escort agency in Leeds. If that happens, fine. We won’t complain about it!

But size – as they say – isn’t what really matters.

We don’t care about being the biggest. We care passionately about being the best.

The best for our clients, so that they are happy and come back again and again.

The best for the women we represent, so that they stay with us exclusively and create a long-term partnership with us.

Because in this industry, as in most others, if we take care of our clients and our ladies, the rest will take care of itself.

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